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Windows Azure

November 25, 2008 1 comment

I have been attended a seminar few days ago, given by David Chappell, on the new windows platform : Windows Azure. What was interresting in this presentation is first, the position of David which was represented nobody in particular, but more presenting is own ideas based on different competitor solution present on the market, fighting on the “Cloud computing” area.

David experience in this area offer us the possibilities to get different types of comparisons and solutions proposed by  Google, Amazon, SalesForce. One thing is sure, we are in a new age of what will be the notion of Saas (Software as a Service). People are changing, our different communication facilities . Through this beautifull world, where the first time we use to say :”Wowww”, we still have to consider that it looks simple and nice but in fact it is still nice but complex. Different points comes up to show that complexity:

  • Sécurity
  • Data protection
  • Countries regulation

Big companies like Microsoft are investing a lot of money in that direction. It is a huge bet which might succeed.

You can keep an eyes on this topics from those links below :

Thanks David for this great introduction .

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