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Touchscreens … What’s next

July 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Tthe world is changing so fast actually that sometimes it is hard to follow but people start to get used sing few years and are always waiting for the next famulous innovation. We the big boom of slate device we have noticed that people could not go outside without it. They want to get in touch all the times with friends , news, business.. Slate are small device that people can bring anywhere and use it anytime. Recently we have noticed in a news broadcats that people now bring their slate at the beach  during holiday !!! Woww is it a good thing or not ? I would say it depends on the used of it. In case you bring it to the beach for checking your email or stuff like that, I would says you can leave it in your appartment and have a break for showrt period of the year where you can think of other thing. If you are using it it to read a book, why not but your slate will have much chance to be stolen or broken at the beach that a real book of your choice. This are different scenario that I recently heard on TV and people now are smending much more time in front of their slate screen and wait for the thing that they expecting during the day.

Touch screens are part of our life

Today people are so used to touch screens that they naturally know what to do and how to do with it as a mater of use. Recently I have been in a computer shop and was looking for a specific device when I have notice a children coming next to be and start to explore as well computers in frontg of me. He goes in front a model of his choice and start slide content but it was not working, then he start again. I can see is sad face and then he goes too an other device and repeat the same gesture until he succeed. All this to say that this children like all the others have a first reaction to touch and this is natural.

With so much focus placed on smartphones, touch and gesture control and their
evolution, what will be the next big development in how people use digital

Check this nice article from Alex Hudson : Touchscreens “a small step” in innovation if your are curious and want to know more

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