portraitStrong interest in Application Interaction & Design and  natural user interface world.

My name is CALDERARA Serge and I am living in the south east of France in a beautifull village call Amphion-les-Bains. Located close to the Swiss border, I have access to the the Leman lake during summer season to practice my favorite sport  “Wakeboarding” and beautifful mountains for biking or skiing during winter. I am married and have 2 kids… a beautifull familly 🙂
I have over 20 years of experience in programming starting, like everybody I guess, with PASCAL or FORTRAN…So long time ago. Professionnaly I am actually a specilist in Microsoft .NET platform. I get certified since 2004. This is something that I am really pround of for two reason. First of all because this was , and it is still, a personnal investment which request a lot of extra work after normal hours. Thanks to my wife who was supporting me during that time. And next this is an internationnal recognition on my past experience that my customer’s can rely on.
Today I spend my working time on Microsoft .Net platform and help others to adopt and integrate that technology in different project.
After having working for a long time in an Internationnal company, I have decide recently to work for my own and decide to go one step forward in an incredible adventure. I have created my own company named SOLATYS which is a real player in Application interface and design for touch and Natural user interface.

Never forget that Your own experience is build from the one of others..”

You can know more on me and my company by visiting my website at : www:solatys.com

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