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Microsoft Surface and Microsoft PixelSense

It’s done; Microsoft recently announced its own slate named Surface. Hmmm Surface, does its sounds familiar to you? You are right Surface was dedicated before to the famous Microsoft Surface unit and Samsung SUR40. Due to the introduction of the Microsoft Surface slate Microsoft has review his product branding to avoid confusion. Today the slate market is growing rapidly. Slate world, introduced by Apple now seems to have a serious competitor.  After releasing to market the famous Samsung SUR40, Microsoft has surprised many people at the announcement of its slate device. Surface will be powered by different version of Windows 8.This slate is offering both comfort, power and design.  As usual, on quite similar technology like Surface Computing, people start to be confused but with the time and expected product impact, I am quite sure that things will be clear after a while.

Microsoft PixelSense is the technology brand used on the SAMSUNG SUR40. The brand Microsoft Surface previously used for the SAMSUNG SUR40 is dedicated now to the new Microsoft slate which will run Windows 8

So for Surface slate stick to the new web site link :http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en/us/default.aspx

Old Microsoft Surface brand became Microsoft PixelSense and links are :




Microsoft Surface :

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