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Windows 8 revealed at Build

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

That’s done, Windows 8 has been shown at Build conference. A completly new approach of what you have seen so far; A user experience which has been redesign in order to cover the way we are using computer and consuming data today. Those who are familar with windows phone 7 user experience will see in Windows 8 a complete standardization between those .A deep dive in services consuming in WinRT, the runtime of the new Windows 8. One big thing which has been introduced is the fact that Windows 8 applications will be abe to be build in the language of your choice ( C#, C++, Silverlight, WPF, HTML, CSS, javascript). The Metro Style is part of the Windows 8 SDK with new controls completly accessible through Blend 5.

A store for Windows 8 application ?
Yes, your read right, a store for Windows 8 application has been introduced. Hmmm are they following the Mac OS strategy by going through the certification process of apps ?

In fact you have the choice. from visual studion you will be able to publish your appliation on the Store, same as we do today for windows phone application. Bad or good, I do not know yet personnaly but would expect they will be not too much locking as Apple is doing today.

Anyhow real cool feature in windows 8:

  • Faster boot, less that 5 seconds
  • Rich user experience
  • fluidity of the information
  • fast application launching and switching
  • Multi programming language
  • Live connection to web service
  • better management of ressources
  • Support of Hyper-V

And much more to come….

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