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WCF…hmmm… what is this all about…
I was quite happy to get the possibility in one of my project to be able to implement WCF as part of my specification. Not because it exists and I have to use it, but more because I know it exist and I need to use it. My application view was really dedicated to that as services providers.
So I start to dig out how it was working, and as everyone does starting by the famous calculator service sample.
By starting implementing WCF for my own purpose a lot of question raised and it was hard today to get real examples. You can get some ideas, the surface, but why it is like this, why this is named like this and not like that…
To study more I go through a book “Programming WCF Services” by Juwal Lowy, which is really exploring the foundation of WCF but with expert eyes.
I was quite frustrated at the begining to not find in this book a kind of step by step samples I was use to get with some others, simply to learn..
Fortunatly I get some experience in the past with .NET remoting concept and I find some points which was familar to me.
In order to help, Juval Lowy has place some advance technics samples based on his book and other stuff that you can find at :
Thanks Juval for your great samples 
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